Assisted Living Facility Sun City CA

Assisted Living Facility Sun City CA

Assisted Living Facility Sun CA

Sun City Senior Care Home has a new look.   Websites for Assisted Living are so popular.  Looking for a warm friendly home for your seniors?  There are so many sites to pick from it can all get a bit confusing.  But at Sun City Senior Care Home, we are sincerely making it feel like you are living at home with all your friends and love ones.  The Residential Home is just like you home.  With this comfortable home and back yard,  you feel like you are being taken care of at your own home.

At Sun City Senior Care Home you will find personal care and support services.  Residents have the best of both worlds, they can be independent as much as they want and can have personal care and support services should residents want or need them.   Does your senior need Long Term Care, that is available too.

The Facility has a warm unique environment.  It is not a nursing home.  It is a home care facility non-medical care.  It does not have medical personnel, no nurses, no doctors.  We are located in the warm friend city of Sun City California.  This is a community of Menifee CA.

If you would like to schedule a view or tour of our home,  please call.  We will give you the home tour and share with you all the services we provide.  We also have a great new website.  Please do visit it and let us know if you have any questions.  Click the link below.

Assisted Living Facility Sun City CA

Assisted Living Checklist

Assisted Living Checklist

Assisted Living Checklist

Questions to help you evaluate a potential assisted living residence.

Is the residence located in a neighborhood that feels safe?

Is the residence close to your family and friends?

Are shopping centers and other businesses in close proximity to the residence?

Do you like the appearance of the residence?  Is the backyard well maintained? is the interior and the residence cheerful and home like?

Is the residence clean and odor – free?

How many people live in the residence?  Is the floor plan easy to follow?

Are there common areas with enough space for residents to spend time together?

Are there outdoor areas for the residents?

Can residents come and go freely.  Are visitors allowed to come and go freely?

These are great questions to ask when evaluating a new senior residence for

yourself, loved or senior relative.

If you have a home and are considering offering assisted living services.

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Ways To Pay for Assisted Living

Ways To Pay for Assisted Living

Ways to Pay for Assisted Living

When it comes time to retire, most seniors think that their social security benefits will take care of it. But often times the benefit is not enough.  There are several additional ways to help pay for assisted living.

If you had a good financial planner, perhaps you had a Annuities Plan. Or maybe you have a Line of Credit, or owned a home, you could do a Reverse Mortgage.

Or like a lot of seniors, part-time work is necessary for long-term care and living expenses.  Additional methods to pay for assisted living could be using your life insurance, selling your life insurance in a form of life settlements, can generate income for you.  Or you can purchase Long Term Care Insurance.

If you are a veteran there are Veterans Benefits that can help you pay for long term assisted living expenses.  Then there is the ability to apply for disability benefits from the state. If you a very low income, you can also try to apply for Section 8 Housing.

To learn more about these various ways to generate more funds for Senior Housing, you can read more about each topic at

To learn more about the services offers in the Assisted Living Facility, visit the website.

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Elders New Year Wishes

Elders New Year Wishes

Elders Looking Forward to New Year

Elders New Year Wishes ~
New Year,
There is new hope,
And aspirations,
New is the resolution,
Is the brainchild of a new and
Forever my warm wishes for you.
Having promising and fulfilling New Year!
A light heart,
A peaceful spirit,
A joyful spirit,
A healthy body and so on.
Heart full of love.

Happy New Year!

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