Elders New Year Wishes

Elders New Year Wishes

Elders Looking Forward to New Year

Elders New Year Wishes ~
New Year,
There is new hope,
And aspirations,
New is the resolution,
Is the brainchild of a new and
Forever my warm wishes for you.
Having promising and fulfilling New Year!
A light heart,
A peaceful spirit,
A joyful spirit,
A healthy body and so on.
Heart full of love.

Happy New Year!

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Senior Christmas Gifts

Senior Christmas Gifts

Senior Christmas Gifts

We are getting ready to celebrate the holidays and hope this information will help you find the right senior gift.

Christmas is almost here, what do you give your favorite senior? We know that there are many choices,  listed a few ideas to think about.

Custom gift baskets:  There are many places that offer these custom baskets.  But you can even make your own. If fact making your own will even be better. As you can customize it to include items you know your senior will love and your personal touch will mean so much to your senior.

Blankets or Small Throws:  These are great because seniors are always taking naps.  They are cozy and you can buy them in any color to match their favorite color or remind them of you.  You can even make one as a patch quilt throw.  Add some special fabrics that will remind your senior of special events in their lives.

Technology Gifts:  The Kindle Fire or other Tablets that allow them to download books or games.   Seniors living in Assisted Care Facilities have plenty of time to read and play games.  Its also good for entertainment or medication management, or brain exercising.  There are many apps that are good for seniors.

Calendars:   Calendars are good for Seniors to help them remember birthdays or special days, appointments.  It could have some of your own photos on the calendar. Many companies like Vista Print offer calendars printed with your own family photos.  This is a great gift.

Senior Take Pills:  There are may types of pill containers at the drug store.  Buy a couple – as many seniors need more than one.  Buy different colors.  One for daytime piles,  blue for nighttime.

Restaurant Gift Cards:  Many seniors don’t get out very often.  Some can’t drive.  So consider the restaurants that deliver.

What ever your gift is, be sure to spend quality time with your seniors.  Take them to a movie, dinner out or go do their favorite outing.

The Holidays can be a fun time for your senior or a very sad time for them.  Try to take it easy and make your visits positive.

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