Exercise Tips for Seniors

Senior Care Homes encourage exercise and have exercise tips for seniors.   As you know getting to be over the age of 50 you start to experience more stiffness or you may find out that you have arthritis or diabetes.  You may also start to notice  that your muscle tone is not what it use to be.  If you do not stay active you may find your body getting more out of shape.  Staying active is the best way to stay flexible and healthy as we get older.  We have listed a few tips you may want to keep in mind as you age as a senior.

Tips for Seniors in Sun City California

1.  Low impact exercises to minimize stress on the joints for knees, hips, elbows and ankles.  Jogging or running is a high impact exercise,  you may want to do more walking instead.  In Sun City we have lots of great walking.  The neighborhood is quiet and there are concrete sidewalks available for walking.

2.  Stretching is low-impact exercise.  Stretching improves balance and flexibility as well as “Yoga Moves”  are also a good idea for seniors.

3.  Strength training is a great way to build muscle tone. You don’t have to lift heavy weights.  Try “Resistance Bands,”  while sitting in a chair you can increase arm strength and flexibility by using resistance bands. You can also strengthen your legs by using those bands with your legs.

4.  Aerobic dancing is also a good way to get great exercise.  You can work out with a DVD or join a class at our local senior centers located in Sun City and Menifee.

5.  Water exercise is another way to get exercise.  In Sun City we have a Community Center for the homeowners.  Pool swimming is available for registered guests. Pool swimming is great for low impact exercise, and the water cushions the joints and makes movements smooth.  If you have arthritis, swimming is the best form of exercise, even walking in the swimming pool is a great work out for seniors.

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