Senior Tips Fourth of July

Senior Tips Fourth of July

Senior Tips Fourth of July

If you are planning a family outing for your senior family members or friends.

When Barbecuing or  Cooking Outdoors –

Find out what sort of seating should be used.  If you have backless picnic benches, consider that elderly persons will sit on it and have no back support.  Try providing folding chairs, or stack-able plastic chairs.  Even a cushion will help keep back pain in check for seniors.  Many seniors have to deal with back pain and will find sitting for long periods uncomfortable.

If your guests are in a wheelchairs, make sure you have wide enough and slopes gentle enough to maneuver in the back yard.

If you do not have lots of shade, then use portable beach umbrellas to help keep bright sun off of your senior guests.

Seniors should consider wearing comfortable clothes that include layers, never know when the wind will pick up and give them a chill.  Also use sturdy shoes to prevent falls and trips.  Don’t forget the sun screen for your senior’s skin.

At a barbecue party be sure to set up a spot for your senior away from the hot grill and any areas where children may be likely to throw balls or roughing around.

Make sure they are closely locate near the bathrooms. Seniors often need to take several restroom breaks.

Take care that your seniors do not get dehydrated.  Make sure they have plenty of water. Avoid alcoholic beverages, due to dehydration and it can conflict with medications.

Watch seniors for signs of restlessness, overheating or other distress. Try not to put any pressure on seniors for socializing or talking to other.  It makes them feel comfortable just to be around others without the pressure of talking.

If you are thinking of starting a new Assisted Living Facility.  You will need a website.  Please send Cory George Website Developer of Advance Your Listing.

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Exercise For Seniors

Exercise For Seniors

Exercise for Seniors is a growing trend.

The Kay Ceniceros Senior Center is just about a mile away many Senior Assisted Living Facilities.  At that location they are offering Senior Fitness Programming.  It’s a One-On-One Private Lesson with a certified Senior Fitness Specialist.

The Classes are conducted by Geri-Fit Company LLC, a fitness programming company that staffs senior centers, parks and recreation departments, retirement communities, hospitals and health clubs with certified trainers to teach the Geri-Fit Strength training exercise classes and Private (one-on-one) Lessons.

Over 80 classes are taught each month at the Kay Ceniceros Senior Center by the Geri-Fit company.  They also offer a Medicare Advantage-approved Geri-Fit group exercise class which are offered at low cost or free to seniors with the Silver & Fit Medicare Advantage Insurance benefit.  Group classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:00 – 3.45 pm and Private Lessons are scheduled every 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.  All sessions are booked in advance and by appointment only.

The program accommodated all senior ages and fitness levels.  Both men and women can enroll.  The Kay Ceniceros Senior Center is located at 29995 Evans Road in Menifee.  For more information on the Geri-Fit class offerings held at the senior center, visit and choose Menifee in the drop down box.  You will find the complete schedule.

If you need a website for Senior,  contact Cory George of Advance Your Listing Websites.  Use the Contact Form on the Contact Page.

Talk About Independent Living

Talk About Independent Living

Talk About Independent Living With Your Parents

It’s important to talk to your parents about independent living. Your parents might have lived in their home for decades, so it’s understandable that they are not eager to move to a new place when they get older.  Even if the house is getting difficult to maintain or doesn’t meet their needs, there are years of memories there. Change can be hard for everyone involved.

We recently found this nice article on AARP and thought you should read it.  You can even sign up for Health Newsletters at their site.

It’s good to talk with your parents while they are still health about what might be needed to remain living independently- often parents and loved ones find some peace of mind in discussing those issues when things are going well.  If you wait until a crisis occurs, you will have to make decisions quickly and you might not know your loved one’s wishes.

Many adult children don’t know how to bring up the subject of independent living with their parents.  Here are some tips for sharing this difficult dialogue, keeping focused and dealing with resistance.

Beginning the conservation:  Raise the issues indirectly,  mention a friend’s mother who recently hired in-home help, or an article that you read about programs at a nearby senior center. Example:  “Is that something you might be interested in learning more about?”

Find Small ways to bridge the issue:  Example:  ” I know you’re taking pills for arthritis, your heart and cholesterol.  Would it help if you had one of those medication organizers you can buy in the drugstore?”

Share your own emotions: Example: ” Dad, it’s hard for me to see you slowing down and I know you’ve always prided yourself on being independent I imagine it’s difficult for you to ask for help, but what are some things that we can do?”

Set the right tone: Once the topic has been brought up, listen to how your parents feel about their current needs, concerns, worries and hopes for the future.  Don’t guess or make assumptions about your parents’ preferences. Ask open-ended questions. that get them to express their perceptions.

Use communication that states your concern and avoids criticism. Example:  ” I’m feeling concerned that you may fall coming down the stairs.  I could put a 100 watt bulb at the bottom of the stairs and install a handrail:  Don’ say: ” Going upstairs in your condition is ridiculous.  You’re sure to fall.”

Avoid role reversal:  Helping our doesn’t mean you are “parenting” your parents. The most productive interaction comes when parents and adult children are equal in the relationship.

If  your parents condition requires Assisted Living with everyday activities.  Then you need to consider a assisted living home Sun City, California.  They offer full time assisted living services.  We monitor and accommodate your parents with daily meals, assistance with taking their medications, clothing and bathing.


Exercise Tips for Seniors Sun City CA

Exercise Tips for Seniors Sun City CA

Exercise Tips for Seniors

Senior Care Homes encourage exercise and have exercise tips for seniors.   As you know getting to be over the age of 50 you start to experience more stiffness or you may find out that you have arthritis or diabetes.  You may also start to notice  that your muscle tone is not what it use to be.  If you do not stay active you may find your body getting more out of shape.  Staying active is the best way to stay flexible and healthy as we get older.  We have listed a few tips you may want to keep in mind as you age as a senior.

Tips for Seniors in Sun City California

1.  Low impact exercises to minimize stress on the joints for knees, hips, elbows and ankles.  Jogging or running is a high impact exercise,  you may want to do more walking instead.  In Sun City we have lots of great walking.  The neighborhood is quiet and there are concrete sidewalks available for walking.

2.  Stretching is low-impact exercise.  Stretching improves balance and flexibility as well as “Yoga Moves”  are also a good idea for seniors.

3.  Strength training is a great way to build muscle tone. You don’t have to lift heavy weights.  Try “Resistance Bands,”  while sitting in a chair you can increase arm strength and flexibility by using resistance bands. You can also strengthen your legs by using those bands with your legs.

4.  Aerobic dancing is also a good way to get great exercise.  You can work out with a DVD or join a class at our local senior centers located in Sun City and Menifee.

5.  Water exercise is another way to get exercise.  In Sun City we have a Community Center for the homeowners.  Pool swimming is available for registered guests. Pool swimming is great for low impact exercise, and the water cushions the joints and makes movements smooth.  If you have arthritis, swimming is the best form of exercise, even walking in the swimming pool is a great work out for seniors.

If you are opening an assisted living facility.  You need a website.  Use the Contact Form on the Contact page to reach Cory George Website Developer.

Medicine Taking Tips for Seniors

Medicine Taking Tips for Seniors

Medicine Taking Tips for Seniors

Here are a few great Medicine Taking Tips for taking your meds every day. If you are taking medication or several different pills at different time of day.  You need some help! If you are a senior, this can be overwhelming.  We have outlined a few tips.

Get in on the Calendar:

Hand a calendar on your wall.  Use your daily diary or add a task to your electronic calendar to mark each day with the number and type of pills you need to take.  Use color coded pens to make the reminders stand out in the print.  If you like to use the internet.  There are email calendars that can help you.

Look at it:

Store your medicine where you are likely to see it every day.  Place it next to your coffee where you normally eat everyday.  For morning pills leave it where you eat your breakfast.   For nighttime pills, leave it near your night stand beside your bed.

If you can’t store your pills somewhere where you will see them, then leave sticky notes to remind you. Maybe you could use your refrigerator or in your bathroom on the mirror.  But just be careful about this use of sticky notes,  – they do fall off.

Box it: (this is our favorite tip)

Pill boxes are very good.  This is the most effective system for monitoring your pills.  The plastic boxes can be purchased at the grocery store or drugstore.  These small plastic containers are divided into small boxes, with each box designated for each day of the week or month.  Place all the pills you need into each day in the right boxes.

Buddy up: 

If you still have trouble remembering your pills, ask a trusted friend to call or text you daily reminders.  This only works if your friend don’t forget either.

Smart Phone Apps:

There are smart phone apps for pill reminders.  iPhone, iPad or Android users have apps, and reminder apps are one of them.  They have various loud sounding alarms to remind you to take your pills.  So there is no excuse to forget taking your pills.

Art Shows Menifee CA

Art Shows Menifee CA

Art Shows Menifee CA

We have many art shows and artists in Menifee,CA.  There is the Arts Council of Menifee with many senior artists.  They get the opportunities to show off their artwork.  There is a event scheduled for  Saturday May 18, at the Menifee Countryside Marketplace, the day will be filled with music, dance, art and culture by performers from the Menifee and surrounding areas. The hours are scheduled for 11 AM to 4 PM.

For more information visit ARTCOUNCIL MENIFEE.ORG

At most Assisted Facilities, they invite our seniors to take up hobbies like painting or drawing.  This is a great way for seniors to keep busy and find joy in being creative.  Being creative can help fight senior depression.  It keeps the mind active and exercised.  They call it ART THERAPY.  It helps seniors to improve their memory.

Some of the activities we can suggest are needle crafts, weaving, knitting, jewelry making.  All these activities help exercise the mind and body.  We strongly encourage all seniors to make art a part of their lives.