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Door Hangers Work

Door Hangers Work

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Door Hangers Work

Assisted Living Facility Sun City CA

Assisted Living Facility Sun City CA

Assisted Living Facility Sun CA

Sun City Senior Care Home has a new look.   Websites for Assisted Living are so popular.  Looking for a warm friendly home for your seniors?  There are so many sites to pick from it can all get a bit confusing.  But at Sun City Senior Care Home, we are sincerely making it feel like you are living at home with all your friends and love ones.  The Residential Home is just like you home.  With this comfortable home and back yard,  you feel like you are being taken care of at your own home.

At Sun City Senior Care Home you will find personal care and support services.  Residents have the best of both worlds, they can be independent as much as they want and can have personal care and support services should residents want or need them.   Does your senior need Long Term Care, that is available too.

The Facility has a warm unique environment.  It is not a nursing home.  It is a home care facility non-medical care.  It does not have medical personnel, no nurses, no doctors.  We are located in the warm friend city of Sun City California.  This is a community of Menifee CA.

If you would like to schedule a view or tour of our home,  please call.  We will give you the home tour and share with you all the services we provide.  We also have a great new website.  Please do visit it and let us know if you have any questions.  Click the link below.

Assisted Living Facility Sun City CA

Assisted Living Checklist

Assisted Living Checklist

Assisted Living Checklist

Questions to help you evaluate a potential assisted living residence.

Is the residence located in a neighborhood that feels safe?

Is the residence close to your family and friends?

Are shopping centers and other businesses in close proximity to the residence?

Do you like the appearance of the residence?  Is the backyard well maintained? is the interior and the residence cheerful and home like?

Is the residence clean and odor – free?

How many people live in the residence?  Is the floor plan easy to follow?

Are there common areas with enough space for residents to spend time together?

Are there outdoor areas for the residents?

Can residents come and go freely.  Are visitors allowed to come and go freely?

These are great questions to ask when evaluating a new senior residence for

yourself, loved or senior relative.

If you have a home and are considering offering assisted living services.

Please learn all you can.  You will need a website.  I can build you a similar Website as this one customized to your specific needs.  Please contact Cory George of Advance Your Listing.  Use the Contact form to find out about costs and internet marketing.


Ways To Pay for Assisted Living

Ways To Pay for Assisted Living

Ways to Pay for Assisted Living

When it comes time to retire, most seniors think that their social security benefits will take care of it. But often times the benefit is not enough.  There are several additional ways to help pay for assisted living.

If you had a good financial planner, perhaps you had a Annuities Plan. Or maybe you have a Line of Credit, or owned a home, you could do a Reverse Mortgage.

Or like a lot of seniors, part-time work is necessary for long-term care and living expenses.  Additional methods to pay for assisted living could be using your life insurance, selling your life insurance in a form of life settlements, can generate income for you.  Or you can purchase Long Term Care Insurance.

If you are a veteran there are Veterans Benefits that can help you pay for long term assisted living expenses.  Then there is the ability to apply for disability benefits from the state. If you a very low income, you can also try to apply for Section 8 Housing.

To learn more about these various ways to generate more funds for Senior Housing, you can read more about each topic at

To learn more about the services offers in the Assisted Living Facility, visit the website.

If you operate an Assisted Living Facility and need a website and internet marketing.  Please give Cory George of Advance Your Listing for a free consultation.

Elders New Year Wishes

Elders New Year Wishes

Elders Looking Forward to New Year

Elders New Year Wishes ~
New Year,
There is new hope,
And aspirations,
New is the resolution,
Is the brainchild of a new and
Forever my warm wishes for you.
Having promising and fulfilling New Year!
A light heart,
A peaceful spirit,
A joyful spirit,
A healthy body and so on.
Heart full of love.

Happy New Year!

If you are getting ready to open a Senior Assisted Living Facility,  you will need a new website.  Use the Contact Form to Contact Cory George Website Developer who can create a new Website for you.

Senior Christmas Gifts

Senior Christmas Gifts

Senior Christmas Gifts

We are getting ready to celebrate the holidays and hope this information will help you find the right senior gift.

Christmas is almost here, what do you give your favorite senior? We know that there are many choices,  listed a few ideas to think about.

Custom gift baskets:  There are many places that offer these custom baskets.  But you can even make your own. If fact making your own will even be better. As you can customize it to include items you know your senior will love and your personal touch will mean so much to your senior.

Blankets or Small Throws:  These are great because seniors are always taking naps.  They are cozy and you can buy them in any color to match their favorite color or remind them of you.  You can even make one as a patch quilt throw.  Add some special fabrics that will remind your senior of special events in their lives.

Technology Gifts:  The Kindle Fire or other Tablets that allow them to download books or games.   Seniors living in Assisted Care Facilities have plenty of time to read and play games.  Its also good for entertainment or medication management, or brain exercising.  There are many apps that are good for seniors.

Calendars:   Calendars are good for Seniors to help them remember birthdays or special days, appointments.  It could have some of your own photos on the calendar. Many companies like Vista Print offer calendars printed with your own family photos.  This is a great gift.

Senior Take Pills:  There are may types of pill containers at the drug store.  Buy a couple – as many seniors need more than one.  Buy different colors.  One for daytime piles,  blue for nighttime.

Restaurant Gift Cards:  Many seniors don’t get out very often.  Some can’t drive.  So consider the restaurants that deliver.

What ever your gift is, be sure to spend quality time with your seniors.  Take them to a movie, dinner out or go do their favorite outing.

The Holidays can be a fun time for your senior or a very sad time for them.  Try to take it easy and make your visits positive.

If you need a new website for your Assisted Living Facility,  please contact Cory George of Advance Your Listing.  Use the Contact Page.

Senior Adult Day Care

Senior Adult Day Care

Senior Adult Day Care

Senior Adult Day Care in Menifee.  Does your senior parent need adult day care? We have the ability to help them get the mind and physical stimulation they need to keep interested in life.

As adults grow older they tend to sleep more lightly and often awaken during the night from needing to go to the bathroom or just wake up from achy joints.  So many seniors make up for lost hours of sleep by catching up with naps during the day. Elders with dementia also seem to sleep more during the day, often falling asleep when they lose interest in meals or fail to notice that they need to use the bathroom.

Boredom, depression chronic pain or other deficiencies can the the cause of adults falling asleep at odd time during the day.  Medications can also be the cause.  If you want your senior adult to stay awake more during the day and sleep better at night, then an Adult Day Care Provider can help.

Just the schedule of getting to the Adult Day Care Home can be very helpful for the Senior.  Senior Assisted Living Facilities, have full time residents, but can also provide Adult Day Care for your Senior.  Just getting your senior to participate in card games, music listening, or sing a-longs, can help them get the stimulation they need to sleep less during the day. Even the companionship and day trips can help the elder maintain an interest in life.  Engaging in activities can really help your senior feel better and stay awake longer during the day.  At most homes they offer crossword puzzles, trivia games and activities to give mind stimulation, interaction with our home residents can be very interesting to your senior.

If you are getting ready to start a new senior assisted facility,  you will need a website.  Please call Cory George Website Developer. Visit the Contact Page and send her an email.

Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living Facility Menifee CA

National Assisted Living Week is September 7 – 13 , 2014. The National Center for Assisted Living announces that they have named their theme for this year as the ” The Magic of Music.”    The Center states that Music plays an integral role in assisted living residences every day.  The transformation effect of music continues as individuals age and can provide joy and comfort for seniors in an assisted living facility.

At Dolls Havens Residential Care Facility, provided are all various activities of daily living.  Music and sing-a-longs are a great part of the daily activities for the residents.  We have music sessions, card games and provide additional events at the local Sun City Civic Association, for those residents who are able to participate in more exercising activities.

At Dolls Havens Home, we will celebrate the Assisted Living Week by having our own Magic of Music Theme too!

Visit our main website for assisted living facility.

Call:  951-672-1363

Senior Assisted Living

Senior Assisted Living

Senior Assisted Living

When your senior parents start to show signs that they need help with their daily living, its time to talk about assisted living facilities. If you find them struggling with basic activities like walking, getting to the toilet, or taking care of basic hygiene its time to talk about living in an assisted living facility.

Talk to your senior parents about this important transition when they are comfortable and have no distractions so you may have a good and productive conversation.  Avoid being critical, your goal is to bring a decision that is helpful and the in the best interest of the Senior Parent.

Point to discuss with your parents are:

  • Problems with safety hazards at home.
  • Difficulties with everyday activities.
  • Do Mobility Issues exist?
  • Health Issue.  Are there chronic health problems?
  • Does the Senior have financial issues?

These are all good points to discuss when trying to make the Assisted Living Transition.

When its time to move, be sure to help with the downsizing and figuring out what things should be taken or sold or given away.  At this point in time downsizing can be real depressing for your seniors.  Be sure to be positive and supportive.

The Home should be like your Real Home.  Living in a private Assisted Living Home can really make the Elder feel like they are still living at home with a family.  Be sure to call us and discuss your options.  We specialize in Websites for Assisted Living Facilities.

Visit our Contact Page and send us an email.

Senior Tips Fourth of July

Senior Tips Fourth of July

Senior Tips Fourth of July

If you are planning a family outing for your senior family members or friends.

When Barbecuing or  Cooking Outdoors –

Find out what sort of seating should be used.  If you have backless picnic benches, consider that elderly persons will sit on it and have no back support.  Try providing folding chairs, or stack-able plastic chairs.  Even a cushion will help keep back pain in check for seniors.  Many seniors have to deal with back pain and will find sitting for long periods uncomfortable.

If your guests are in a wheelchairs, make sure you have wide enough and slopes gentle enough to maneuver in the back yard.

If you do not have lots of shade, then use portable beach umbrellas to help keep bright sun off of your senior guests.

Seniors should consider wearing comfortable clothes that include layers, never know when the wind will pick up and give them a chill.  Also use sturdy shoes to prevent falls and trips.  Don’t forget the sun screen for your senior’s skin.

At a barbecue party be sure to set up a spot for your senior away from the hot grill and any areas where children may be likely to throw balls or roughing around.

Make sure they are closely locate near the bathrooms. Seniors often need to take several restroom breaks.

Take care that your seniors do not get dehydrated.  Make sure they have plenty of water. Avoid alcoholic beverages, due to dehydration and it can conflict with medications.

Watch seniors for signs of restlessness, overheating or other distress. Try not to put any pressure on seniors for socializing or talking to other.  It makes them feel comfortable just to be around others without the pressure of talking.

If you are thinking of starting a new Assisted Living Facility.  You will need a website.  Please send Cory George Website Developer of Advance Your Listing.

Use the Contact Form on the Contact Page.

Senior Mothers Day Gifts

Senior Mothers Day Gifts

Senior Mothers Day Gifts

Seniors Mothers Day Gifts can be difficult to figure out sometimes. You should try a homemade gift.   Some great homemade gifts can really be more rewarding that store bought flowers and candy.  How about making a Memory Jar or a Photo Bouquet?

Here are some simple instructions.

Memory Jar

For a Memory Jar, you will need a nice jar, several pieces of paper and time to work on it.  On each piece of paper write down a different memory of a wonderful time that you have shared with your mother.  Fold the pieces of paper and place them in the jar so she can read them over time.  What a wonderful way to share memories with your mother.  Even after the day is over, she can go back and read them again and again.

seniors mothers dayPhoto Bouquet

Flowers are always beautiful, but they eventually dye and wither.  How about giving a bouquet of photos that will last and last.  Cut flower shapes from construction paper and gluing photo cut-outs in the center of the flower.  Have color copies of photos to use.  Try to find photos of child memories or take new digital images and get them printed.  Paste these photos onto the flower shapes and add outer frames to add more color.  You can then glue green stems to hold the photos up and form a bouquet.  Place them into a nice little vase, or paste them on a bigger home made card.

We hope you have a Happy Mothers Day!


Assisted Living Checklist

Long Term Senior Care

Long Term Senior Care

If you are looking for Long Term Senior Care for your family members.  There are many Assisted Living Facilities where you will find that true home environment.  Home cooked meals, snacks and daily assisted living.  It’s not a medical clinical place.  It’s for those elder seniors who want some freedom but need daily supervision and assistance in daily activities of living.

At this assisted living senior home for seniors.  There are Doctor’s nearby, hospitals, hair salons, churches nearby.  All the conveniences of a small town.  Sun City is a great little city to retire in.

If you are considering your home for Assisted Living Facility.  Consider Cory George for a Website.  Use the Contact form on the Contact Page.

Exercise For Seniors

Exercise For Seniors

Exercise for Seniors is a growing trend.

The Kay Ceniceros Senior Center is just about a mile away many Senior Assisted Living Facilities.  At that location they are offering Senior Fitness Programming.  It’s a One-On-One Private Lesson with a certified Senior Fitness Specialist.

The Classes are conducted by Geri-Fit Company LLC, a fitness programming company that staffs senior centers, parks and recreation departments, retirement communities, hospitals and health clubs with certified trainers to teach the Geri-Fit Strength training exercise classes and Private (one-on-one) Lessons.

Over 80 classes are taught each month at the Kay Ceniceros Senior Center by the Geri-Fit company.  They also offer a Medicare Advantage-approved Geri-Fit group exercise class which are offered at low cost or free to seniors with the Silver & Fit Medicare Advantage Insurance benefit.  Group classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:00 – 3.45 pm and Private Lessons are scheduled every 30 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.  All sessions are booked in advance and by appointment only.

The program accommodated all senior ages and fitness levels.  Both men and women can enroll.  The Kay Ceniceros Senior Center is located at 29995 Evans Road in Menifee.  For more information on the Geri-Fit class offerings held at the senior center, visit and choose Menifee in the drop down box.  You will find the complete schedule.

If you need a website for Senior,  contact Cory George of Advance Your Listing Websites.  Use the Contact Form on the Contact Page.

Recognizing Dementia Symptoms

Recognizing Dementia Symptoms

Recognizing Dementia Symptoms Early

Dementia Symptoms are important to know.  The signs can get you or your loved-one treatment a lot earlier.  There are many articles regarding symptoms of dementia.  We are presenting some of the key notes we feel are important to know.

Some seniors have a difficult time remembering where they left their keys or maybe they forget the regular time of their favor TV Show. The hard part is determining if these are signs of dementia or maybe just a normal part of aging.  We hope some of these items listed will give you an idea of how to determine if your senior is showing signs of Dementia.

It’s important to catch symptoms of dementia as soon as possible. These symptoms can be caused by underlying medical conditions. Early treatment can slow the progression of even certain un-treatable types of dementia, like Alzheimer’s.

Dementia symptoms are often misunderstood and create frustration for the family and professional caregivers.  There are many seminars on living with the challenging symptoms of dementia.  We hope to give you a few bullet points to help recognize the symptoms.

  • Senior may experience problems with walking and balance.  Studies have been conducted presenting that some of the earliest signs of dementia may be physical, rather than mental.  Watch out for problems walking and balancing, as well as a weak hand grip.
  • Slips and fall.  The symptoms outlined above can lead to frequent stumbling and falling.  In one 2011 study of 125 older adults, people who fell most often during an eight- month period were found to also show other early signs of Alzheimer’s.
  • Inability to detect sarcasm or lies.  If you have noticed that your loved one has become usually gullible lately, she or he may be exhibiting the early signs of dementia. A 2011 study found that patients with certain degenerative brain diseases could not tell when someone was using sarcasm or speaking untruthfully.
  • Staring.  When we converse, we naturally move our eyes around.  But someone with dementia might no-instead, you might notice them staring frequently.  You might also notice this eye movement problem if your loved one skips lines when reading aloud.
  • Strange eating habits.  Research if finding that different dementia s often cause people to exhibit odd eating habits, such as a sudden strong taste for sweet foods, cramming food into their mouths, or even eating spoiled food or things that aren’t food.
  • Being hurtful.  Your usually sweet, kind mother is saying insulting or inappropriate things, and seeming to show no concern for how they might be hurting or embarrassing others.  This behavior is not a usual part of aging – it’s a common early sign of dementia.
  • Compulsive behavior.  Many people like things done a certain way.  But people in the early stages of dementia may exhibit strange obsessive compulsive behaviors such as locking doors over and over, or buying a can of corn every time they visit the store, even though they have a cupboard full at home.

This article was created based on information provided by Diane Walker, RN,MS,CSA.  We thank her for the key notes given.

If you have a loved one who shows early stages of dementia.  It may be time to consider an Assisted Living Home.    For those cases with severe Dementia, be sure to consult your family physical about the home environment your senior needs.

If you are opening a Assisted Living Facility,  Contact Cory George of Advance Your Listing for a Website Quote.

Talk About Independent Living

Talk About Independent Living

Talk About Independent Living With Your Parents

It’s important to talk to your parents about independent living. Your parents might have lived in their home for decades, so it’s understandable that they are not eager to move to a new place when they get older.  Even if the house is getting difficult to maintain or doesn’t meet their needs, there are years of memories there. Change can be hard for everyone involved.

We recently found this nice article on AARP and thought you should read it.  You can even sign up for Health Newsletters at their site.

It’s good to talk with your parents while they are still health about what might be needed to remain living independently- often parents and loved ones find some peace of mind in discussing those issues when things are going well.  If you wait until a crisis occurs, you will have to make decisions quickly and you might not know your loved one’s wishes.

Many adult children don’t know how to bring up the subject of independent living with their parents.  Here are some tips for sharing this difficult dialogue, keeping focused and dealing with resistance.

Beginning the conservation:  Raise the issues indirectly,  mention a friend’s mother who recently hired in-home help, or an article that you read about programs at a nearby senior center. Example:  “Is that something you might be interested in learning more about?”

Find Small ways to bridge the issue:  Example:  ” I know you’re taking pills for arthritis, your heart and cholesterol.  Would it help if you had one of those medication organizers you can buy in the drugstore?”

Share your own emotions: Example: ” Dad, it’s hard for me to see you slowing down and I know you’ve always prided yourself on being independent I imagine it’s difficult for you to ask for help, but what are some things that we can do?”

Set the right tone: Once the topic has been brought up, listen to how your parents feel about their current needs, concerns, worries and hopes for the future.  Don’t guess or make assumptions about your parents’ preferences. Ask open-ended questions. that get them to express their perceptions.

Use communication that states your concern and avoids criticism. Example:  ” I’m feeling concerned that you may fall coming down the stairs.  I could put a 100 watt bulb at the bottom of the stairs and install a handrail:  Don’ say: ” Going upstairs in your condition is ridiculous.  You’re sure to fall.”

Avoid role reversal:  Helping our doesn’t mean you are “parenting” your parents. The most productive interaction comes when parents and adult children are equal in the relationship.

If  your parents condition requires Assisted Living with everyday activities.  Then you need to consider a assisted living home Sun City, California.  They offer full time assisted living services.  We monitor and accommodate your parents with daily meals, assistance with taking their medications, clothing and bathing.


Exercise Tips for Seniors Sun City CA

Exercise Tips for Seniors Sun City CA

Exercise Tips for Seniors

Senior Care Homes encourage exercise and have exercise tips for seniors.   As you know getting to be over the age of 50 you start to experience more stiffness or you may find out that you have arthritis or diabetes.  You may also start to notice  that your muscle tone is not what it use to be.  If you do not stay active you may find your body getting more out of shape.  Staying active is the best way to stay flexible and healthy as we get older.  We have listed a few tips you may want to keep in mind as you age as a senior.

Tips for Seniors in Sun City California

1.  Low impact exercises to minimize stress on the joints for knees, hips, elbows and ankles.  Jogging or running is a high impact exercise,  you may want to do more walking instead.  In Sun City we have lots of great walking.  The neighborhood is quiet and there are concrete sidewalks available for walking.

2.  Stretching is low-impact exercise.  Stretching improves balance and flexibility as well as “Yoga Moves”  are also a good idea for seniors.

3.  Strength training is a great way to build muscle tone. You don’t have to lift heavy weights.  Try “Resistance Bands,”  while sitting in a chair you can increase arm strength and flexibility by using resistance bands. You can also strengthen your legs by using those bands with your legs.

4.  Aerobic dancing is also a good way to get great exercise.  You can work out with a DVD or join a class at our local senior centers located in Sun City and Menifee.

5.  Water exercise is another way to get exercise.  In Sun City we have a Community Center for the homeowners.  Pool swimming is available for registered guests. Pool swimming is great for low impact exercise, and the water cushions the joints and makes movements smooth.  If you have arthritis, swimming is the best form of exercise, even walking in the swimming pool is a great work out for seniors.

If you are opening an assisted living facility.  You need a website.  Use the Contact Form on the Contact page to reach Cory George Website Developer.

Medicine Taking Tips for Seniors

Medicine Taking Tips for Seniors

Medicine Taking Tips for Seniors

Here are a few great Medicine Taking Tips for taking your meds every day. If you are taking medication or several different pills at different time of day.  You need some help! If you are a senior, this can be overwhelming.  We have outlined a few tips.

Get in on the Calendar:

Hand a calendar on your wall.  Use your daily diary or add a task to your electronic calendar to mark each day with the number and type of pills you need to take.  Use color coded pens to make the reminders stand out in the print.  If you like to use the internet.  There are email calendars that can help you.

Look at it:

Store your medicine where you are likely to see it every day.  Place it next to your coffee where you normally eat everyday.  For morning pills leave it where you eat your breakfast.   For nighttime pills, leave it near your night stand beside your bed.

If you can’t store your pills somewhere where you will see them, then leave sticky notes to remind you. Maybe you could use your refrigerator or in your bathroom on the mirror.  But just be careful about this use of sticky notes,  – they do fall off.

Box it: (this is our favorite tip)

Pill boxes are very good.  This is the most effective system for monitoring your pills.  The plastic boxes can be purchased at the grocery store or drugstore.  These small plastic containers are divided into small boxes, with each box designated for each day of the week or month.  Place all the pills you need into each day in the right boxes.

Buddy up: 

If you still have trouble remembering your pills, ask a trusted friend to call or text you daily reminders.  This only works if your friend don’t forget either.

Smart Phone Apps:

There are smart phone apps for pill reminders.  iPhone, iPad or Android users have apps, and reminder apps are one of them.  They have various loud sounding alarms to remind you to take your pills.  So there is no excuse to forget taking your pills.

Taking Care of Mom and Dad

Taking Care of Mom and Dad

Taking Care of Mom and Dad?

Are you faced with taking care of mom and dad? We found a really interesting article ” National Survey Reveals Children Choose Mom Over Dad.”  Found this article at Visiting  An estimated 70 million fathers live in the U.S. today, but if they plan on moving in with their children in the golden years, they better might consider making some changes.

The recent national poll reveals 70% of adult children do NOT want their parents moving in with them.  Money won’t even motivate them.  85% say even if they got more of the inheritance they would NOT be more inclined to move in their parents.  However, if they had to choose, only 33% (1 out of 3) would choose to move in their dad over their mom.  The majority would rather move in Mom!

The national survey of more than 1,100 adults, ages 40 and older with both living parents. was commissioned by Visiting Angeles, one of our national’s largest in-home senior care companies with more than 450 offices throughout the country.  Doll’s Havens is a senior / elder care facility.  A private home whereby you parent lives with in a home environment and food and day to day assistance is provided.  It has a warm home  style  environment.  We welcome your parents, Mom or Dad.

So why does Dad lose out to Mom in this survey?

Most say Dad:

  • Has worse hygiene than Mom (75%)
  • Is more likely than Mom to say inappropriate things (75%)
  • Is sloppier than Mom (70%)
  • Is lazier than Mom (68%)
  • Would want to control the TV more than Mom (69%)

Who Chose Dad Over Mom?

Dads should stay on good terms with their first child. Of the one third of all respondents who choose to move in Dad over Mom, most of them are the oldest child.  Still they don’t think they should have to bear the burden.  Of all the folks polled, 32% say the child that lives the closes should bear the most responsibility for their aging parents.  While 27% say the most responsible for aging parents should fall to the child with the least obligations.  (i.e, no spouse or children)

What’s the Adult Child’s Plan?

When asked what is the plan for their aging parents – Almost 3.4 of respondents (72%) say they DON’T have a plan. More than half (54% ) say they haven’t even talked about it.

Money Motivator?

41% say they would prefer their parents remain in their own home.  But when this is not possible, we suggest a Elder Care Facilities  in Menifee/Sun City, California.  We provide assistance in their daily living.  When money is a concern, there are ways to get State or Federal assistance, if you qualify.  We strongly urge seniors and their adult children to get a plan, be sure you know how you will handle the senior’s living quarters when they need daily assistance.



Seniors and Arthritis

Seniors and Arthritis

Seniors and Arthritis in Sun City CA

There are many seniors in Sun City with Arthritis.  There are 50 million American with arthritis, and it is still a misunderstood disease.  There are many non-profit organizations that give lots of great information.  We have searched several and give just a small summary of what we believe may be helpful to you if you are suffering from Arthritis and living in Sun City.

Our hope for our Seniors who reside in Assisted Living Homes, is that we can shed some light on Arthritis and how to help improve your quality of life while living with Arthritis.  We desire to help our seniors manage the pain.  There are a few suggestions, which an help seniors cope with the pain.  We have outlined a few.

  • Distraction –  By taking one’s mind off the pain by doing other things, like watching TV, going out to a gathering with friends, listening to  music or visiting relatives can help manage the pain.
  • Relaxation techniques – stress can make matter worst.  Try to reduce your stress. Get your muscles to relax.
  • Physical therapy – any activity that can improve blood and oxygen flow to muscles can help to reduce pain.
  • Electrical nerve stimulation –  there a small machines that send low-voltage electrical currents through the skin via electrodes placed near the area of pain to stimulate nerves and send good signals to your brain, and interfere with the pain awareness.
  • Heat and/or Cold – try both heat and cold to relax the muscles .  Cold can help numb the pain.  Heat can help circulation.  Either one can help interrupt the pain.
  • Support Groups –  this can help your senior feel less alone and share coping strategies.
  • Pain treatment centers –  there are clinic or facilities that specialize in pain treatment and use the latest treatments. The American Chronic Pain Association has tips on finding the right pain treatment center.
  • Exercise – releases endorphins which can enhance a self of well-being, improves blood and oxygen flow to muscles and helps them relax and can reduce pain.
  • Stress Management –  interrupts the pain cycle, as stress leads to muscles tensing, which causes more pain.  Reduce your stress.
  • Proper nutrition –  getting the proper nutrition, enables one’s body to cope with anything, including pain.
  • Getting enough sleep – people who don’t get enough sleep may get tense, thus increasing the pain.  So get more sleep.
  • Yoga – can help relax muscles.  But caution must be used. Don’t aggravate any muscles.
  • Tai chi –  is a series of gentle movements which focuses on movements and breathing.  producing a state of relaxation and calm.  This can reduce stress and pain.
  • Acupuncture – is a technique where thin tiny needles are inserted into specific points in the body to get energy flowing correctly and promote self-healing.  This is done by a professional acupuncturist

One of the better websites we found was the Arthritis Foundation. Org.  You may want to check it out.  They have scheduled a few Walks in Los Angeles and Inland Empire area.

Art Shows Menifee CA

Art Shows Menifee CA

Art Shows Menifee CA

We have many art shows and artists in Menifee,CA.  There is the Arts Council of Menifee with many senior artists.  They get the opportunities to show off their artwork.  There is a event scheduled for  Saturday May 18, at the Menifee Countryside Marketplace, the day will be filled with music, dance, art and culture by performers from the Menifee and surrounding areas. The hours are scheduled for 11 AM to 4 PM.

For more information visit ARTCOUNCIL MENIFEE.ORG

At most Assisted Facilities, they invite our seniors to take up hobbies like painting or drawing.  This is a great way for seniors to keep busy and find joy in being creative.  Being creative can help fight senior depression.  It keeps the mind active and exercised.  They call it ART THERAPY.  It helps seniors to improve their memory.

Some of the activities we can suggest are needle crafts, weaving, knitting, jewelry making.  All these activities help exercise the mind and body.  We strongly encourage all seniors to make art a part of their lives.