Senior Mothers Day Gifts

Senior Mothers Day Gifts

Senior Mothers Day Gifts

Seniors Mothers Day Gifts can be difficult to figure out sometimes. You should try a homemade gift.   Some great homemade gifts can really be more rewarding that store bought flowers and candy.  How about making a Memory Jar or a Photo Bouquet?

Here are some simple instructions.

Memory Jar

For a Memory Jar, you will need a nice jar, several pieces of paper and time to work on it.  On each piece of paper write down a different memory of a wonderful time that you have shared with your mother.  Fold the pieces of paper and place them in the jar so she can read them over time.  What a wonderful way to share memories with your mother.  Even after the day is over, she can go back and read them again and again.

seniors mothers dayPhoto Bouquet

Flowers are always beautiful, but they eventually dye and wither.  How about giving a bouquet of photos that will last and last.  Cut flower shapes from construction paper and gluing photo cut-outs in the center of the flower.  Have color copies of photos to use.  Try to find photos of child memories or take new digital images and get them printed.  Paste these photos onto the flower shapes and add outer frames to add more color.  You can then glue green stems to hold the photos up and form a bouquet.  Place them into a nice little vase, or paste them on a bigger home made card.

We hope you have a Happy Mothers Day!


Talk About Independent Living

Talk About Independent Living

Talk About Independent Living With Your Parents

It’s important to talk to your parents about independent living. Your parents might have lived in their home for decades, so it’s understandable that they are not eager to move to a new place when they get older.  Even if the house is getting difficult to maintain or doesn’t meet their needs, there are years of memories there. Change can be hard for everyone involved.

We recently found this nice article on AARP and thought you should read it.  You can even sign up for Health Newsletters at their site.

It’s good to talk with your parents while they are still health about what might be needed to remain living independently- often parents and loved ones find some peace of mind in discussing those issues when things are going well.  If you wait until a crisis occurs, you will have to make decisions quickly and you might not know your loved one’s wishes.

Many adult children don’t know how to bring up the subject of independent living with their parents.  Here are some tips for sharing this difficult dialogue, keeping focused and dealing with resistance.

Beginning the conservation:  Raise the issues indirectly,  mention a friend’s mother who recently hired in-home help, or an article that you read about programs at a nearby senior center. Example:  “Is that something you might be interested in learning more about?”

Find Small ways to bridge the issue:  Example:  ” I know you’re taking pills for arthritis, your heart and cholesterol.  Would it help if you had one of those medication organizers you can buy in the drugstore?”

Share your own emotions: Example: ” Dad, it’s hard for me to see you slowing down and I know you’ve always prided yourself on being independent I imagine it’s difficult for you to ask for help, but what are some things that we can do?”

Set the right tone: Once the topic has been brought up, listen to how your parents feel about their current needs, concerns, worries and hopes for the future.  Don’t guess or make assumptions about your parents’ preferences. Ask open-ended questions. that get them to express their perceptions.

Use communication that states your concern and avoids criticism. Example:  ” I’m feeling concerned that you may fall coming down the stairs.  I could put a 100 watt bulb at the bottom of the stairs and install a handrail:  Don’ say: ” Going upstairs in your condition is ridiculous.  You’re sure to fall.”

Avoid role reversal:  Helping our doesn’t mean you are “parenting” your parents. The most productive interaction comes when parents and adult children are equal in the relationship.

If  your parents condition requires Assisted Living with everyday activities.  Then you need to consider a assisted living home Sun City, California.  They offer full time assisted living services.  We monitor and accommodate your parents with daily meals, assistance with taking their medications, clothing and bathing.


Taking Care of Mom and Dad

Taking Care of Mom and Dad

Taking Care of Mom and Dad?

Are you faced with taking care of mom and dad? We found a really interesting article ” National Survey Reveals Children Choose Mom Over Dad.”  Found this article at Visiting  An estimated 70 million fathers live in the U.S. today, but if they plan on moving in with their children in the golden years, they better might consider making some changes.

The recent national poll reveals 70% of adult children do NOT want their parents moving in with them.  Money won’t even motivate them.  85% say even if they got more of the inheritance they would NOT be more inclined to move in their parents.  However, if they had to choose, only 33% (1 out of 3) would choose to move in their dad over their mom.  The majority would rather move in Mom!

The national survey of more than 1,100 adults, ages 40 and older with both living parents. was commissioned by Visiting Angeles, one of our national’s largest in-home senior care companies with more than 450 offices throughout the country.  Doll’s Havens is a senior / elder care facility.  A private home whereby you parent lives with in a home environment and food and day to day assistance is provided.  It has a warm home  style  environment.  We welcome your parents, Mom or Dad.

So why does Dad lose out to Mom in this survey?

Most say Dad:

  • Has worse hygiene than Mom (75%)
  • Is more likely than Mom to say inappropriate things (75%)
  • Is sloppier than Mom (70%)
  • Is lazier than Mom (68%)
  • Would want to control the TV more than Mom (69%)

Who Chose Dad Over Mom?

Dads should stay on good terms with their first child. Of the one third of all respondents who choose to move in Dad over Mom, most of them are the oldest child.  Still they don’t think they should have to bear the burden.  Of all the folks polled, 32% say the child that lives the closes should bear the most responsibility for their aging parents.  While 27% say the most responsible for aging parents should fall to the child with the least obligations.  (i.e, no spouse or children)

What’s the Adult Child’s Plan?

When asked what is the plan for their aging parents – Almost 3.4 of respondents (72%) say they DON’T have a plan. More than half (54% ) say they haven’t even talked about it.

Money Motivator?

41% say they would prefer their parents remain in their own home.  But when this is not possible, we suggest a Elder Care Facilities  in Menifee/Sun City, California.  We provide assistance in their daily living.  When money is a concern, there are ways to get State or Federal assistance, if you qualify.  We strongly urge seniors and their adult children to get a plan, be sure you know how you will handle the senior’s living quarters when they need daily assistance.