Senior Assisted Living

When your senior parents start to show signs that they need help with their daily living, its time to talk about assisted living facilities. If you find them struggling with basic activities like walking, getting to the toilet, or taking care of basic hygiene its time to talk about living in an assisted living facility.

Talk to your senior parents about this important transition when they are comfortable and have no distractions so you may have a good and productive conversation.  Avoid being critical, your goal is to bring a decision that is helpful and the in the best interest of the Senior Parent.

Point to discuss with your parents are:

  • Problems with safety hazards at home.
  • Difficulties with everyday activities.
  • Do Mobility Issues exist?
  • Health Issue.  Are there chronic health problems?
  • Does the Senior have financial issues?

These are all good points to discuss when trying to make the Assisted Living Transition.

When its time to move, be sure to help with the downsizing and figuring out what things should be taken or sold or given away.  At this point in time downsizing can be real depressing for your seniors.  Be sure to be positive and supportive.

The Home should be like your Real Home.  Living in a private Assisted Living Home can really make the Elder feel like they are still living at home with a family.  Be sure to call us and discuss your options.  We specialize in Websites for Assisted Living Facilities.

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