Tips for Picking Assisted Living Facility

Tips for Picking Assisted Living Facility

Tips for Picking Assisted Living Facility

Tips for picking assisted living facility, include many. But one of the most important one is cleanliness.  We will take one by one and examine what to look for when visiting an assisted living facility.  Let’s start with the very first one.

Tip # 1: Level of Cleanliness in Senior Homes

Does the home feel fresh and clean?  Make sure to look past the furnishings and into corners, baseboards and windows.  How often is housekeeping provided in the personal living spaces or bedrooms.  Get full details on the types of maintenance provided and the estimated response times. Ask about laundry procedures. Ask for specifics on what is available and at what cost.

Facility should take great care in keeping all area of the home clean and refreshing. We have decorated the home with very cheerful colors and keep all the rooms clean at all times. We welcome you for a visit to check on our level of cleanliness.  We provide clean bathrooms, bedrooms and activity areas.  The Kitchen is cleaned spotless after every meal.  Vacuuming and dusting is a continual duty at our home.  Facility should strive for top cleanliness in every room.