Medicine Taking Tips for Seniors

Medicine Taking Tips for Seniors

Medicine Taking Tips for Seniors

Here are a few great Medicine Taking Tips for taking your meds every day. If you are taking medication or several different pills at different time of day.  You need some help! If you are a senior, this can be overwhelming.  We have outlined a few tips.

Get in on the Calendar:

Hand a calendar on your wall.  Use your daily diary or add a task to your electronic calendar to mark each day with the number and type of pills you need to take.  Use color coded pens to make the reminders stand out in the print.  If you like to use the internet.  There are email calendars that can help you.

Look at it:

Store your medicine where you are likely to see it every day.  Place it next to your coffee where you normally eat everyday.  For morning pills leave it where you eat your breakfast.   For nighttime pills, leave it near your night stand beside your bed.

If you can’t store your pills somewhere where you will see them, then leave sticky notes to remind you. Maybe you could use your refrigerator or in your bathroom on the mirror.  But just be careful about this use of sticky notes,  – they do fall off.

Box it: (this is our favorite tip)

Pill boxes are very good.  This is the most effective system for monitoring your pills.  The plastic boxes can be purchased at the grocery store or drugstore.  These small plastic containers are divided into small boxes, with each box designated for each day of the week or month.  Place all the pills you need into each day in the right boxes.

Buddy up: 

If you still have trouble remembering your pills, ask a trusted friend to call or text you daily reminders.  This only works if your friend don’t forget either.

Smart Phone Apps:

There are smart phone apps for pill reminders.  iPhone, iPad or Android users have apps, and reminder apps are one of them.  They have various loud sounding alarms to remind you to take your pills.  So there is no excuse to forget taking your pills.