Seniors find pill taking overwhelming.

It is possible  that seniors some times over dose or have drug reactions.  That’s why we present  several tips that can help you or your loved ones, to avoid problems inherited with aging and pill taking.

Some of these tips are as follows:

  • Follow dosage instructions for all prescriptions and over the counter medicines.
  • Use one pharmacy for all prescriptions if possible. That way the pharmacy will have a current record of exactly what you are taking to help avoid possible inter reaction with other prescriptions.
  • If the senior is seeing more than one physician, be sure to let all physicians know about the other prescriptions.
  • Be sure to read all medicine precautions and potential side effects.  Let family members or caregivers  in on the information. They can often notice side effects before the senior notices.
  • Follow any precautions with use of alcohol and combination of medicines.
  • Dispose of expired medications properly. Throwing them away is not a proper way of disposal.  The FDA has a list of ways to dispose of expired medicines. They also recommend the Medicine Take-Back Program.  There are phone numbers of the closest locations.
  • The best tool and tip is using a pill organizer to organize medication by dose and time of day.
  • Never take medication that were prescribed for someone else.