Seniors Get Holiday Blues

We know that seniors get holiday blues.  Older people sometimes get sad during the holidays because they miss their loved ones who have died or moved away.  Sometimes health conditions or concerns about money can also make them sad or depressed. We try to get them involved in card games, movies or just talking about their past and encourage them to remember the happy times.

The American Geriatrics Society Foundation for Health in Aging has great tips on how to beat the holiday blues.  We have outlined a few.

  • Get out and travel to parties and events.
  • Take a brisk walk in the morning before you begin the day, or in the evening to help beat the blues.
  • Volunteer, helping others is a great mood lifter.
  • Drink Responsibly – Don’t over indulge around the holidays.
  • Accept your feelings – There is nothing wrong with feeling a little sad.  But if its really just too much to bear, seek support.
  • Talk to some –  The power of talking to your friends, mentors or relatives, can help you understand why you feel the way you do.
  • Holiday Blues are usually temporary and mild.  If you are more depressed and it just does not go away, seek medical help.

At Dolls Havens we try to plan events often, play cards or board games.  We listen to music or just watch our favorite program on television.

Take time and care to listen to how our residents feel.