Exercise Tips for Seniors Sun City CA

Exercise Tips for Seniors Sun City CA

Exercise Tips for Seniors

Senior Care Homes encourage exercise and have exercise tips for seniors.   As you know getting to be over the age of 50 you start to experience more stiffness or you may find out that you have arthritis or diabetes.  You may also start to notice  that your muscle tone is not what it use to be.  If you do not stay active you may find your body getting more out of shape.  Staying active is the best way to stay flexible and healthy as we get older.  We have listed a few tips you may want to keep in mind as you age as a senior.

Tips for Seniors in Sun City California

1.  Low impact exercises to minimize stress on the joints for knees, hips, elbows and ankles.  Jogging or running is a high impact exercise,  you may want to do more walking instead.  In Sun City we have lots of great walking.  The neighborhood is quiet and there are concrete sidewalks available for walking.

2.  Stretching is low-impact exercise.  Stretching improves balance and flexibility as well as “Yoga Moves”  are also a good idea for seniors.

3.  Strength training is a great way to build muscle tone. You don’t have to lift heavy weights.  Try “Resistance Bands,”  while sitting in a chair you can increase arm strength and flexibility by using resistance bands. You can also strengthen your legs by using those bands with your legs.

4.  Aerobic dancing is also a good way to get great exercise.  You can work out with a DVD or join a class at our local senior centers located in Sun City and Menifee.

5.  Water exercise is another way to get exercise.  In Sun City we have a Community Center for the homeowners.  Pool swimming is available for registered guests. Pool swimming is great for low impact exercise, and the water cushions the joints and makes movements smooth.  If you have arthritis, swimming is the best form of exercise, even walking in the swimming pool is a great work out for seniors.

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Taking Care of Mom and Dad

Taking Care of Mom and Dad

Taking Care of Mom and Dad?

Are you faced with taking care of mom and dad? We found a really interesting article ” National Survey Reveals Children Choose Mom Over Dad.”  Found this article at Visiting Angels.com  An estimated 70 million fathers live in the U.S. today, but if they plan on moving in with their children in the golden years, they better might consider making some changes.

The recent national poll reveals 70% of adult children do NOT want their parents moving in with them.  Money won’t even motivate them.  85% say even if they got more of the inheritance they would NOT be more inclined to move in their parents.  However, if they had to choose, only 33% (1 out of 3) would choose to move in their dad over their mom.  The majority would rather move in Mom!

The national survey of more than 1,100 adults, ages 40 and older with both living parents. was commissioned by Visiting Angeles, one of our national’s largest in-home senior care companies with more than 450 offices throughout the country.  Doll’s Havens is a senior / elder care facility.  A private home whereby you parent lives with in a home environment and food and day to day assistance is provided.  It has a warm home  style  environment.  We welcome your parents, Mom or Dad.

So why does Dad lose out to Mom in this survey?

Most say Dad:

  • Has worse hygiene than Mom (75%)
  • Is more likely than Mom to say inappropriate things (75%)
  • Is sloppier than Mom (70%)
  • Is lazier than Mom (68%)
  • Would want to control the TV more than Mom (69%)

Who Chose Dad Over Mom?

Dads should stay on good terms with their first child. Of the one third of all respondents who choose to move in Dad over Mom, most of them are the oldest child.  Still they don’t think they should have to bear the burden.  Of all the folks polled, 32% say the child that lives the closes should bear the most responsibility for their aging parents.  While 27% say the most responsible for aging parents should fall to the child with the least obligations.  (i.e, no spouse or children)

What’s the Adult Child’s Plan?

When asked what is the plan for their aging parents – Almost 3.4 of respondents (72%) say they DON’T have a plan. More than half (54% ) say they haven’t even talked about it.

Money Motivator?

41% say they would prefer their parents remain in their own home.  But when this is not possible, we suggest a Elder Care Facilities  in Menifee/Sun City, California.  We provide assistance in their daily living.  When money is a concern, there are ways to get State or Federal assistance, if you qualify.  We strongly urge seniors and their adult children to get a plan, be sure you know how you will handle the senior’s living quarters when they need daily assistance.



Tips For Elders and Fall Prevention

Tips For Elders and Fall Prevention

Tips for Elders and Fall Prevention

Be sure to checked assisted living home for safety features and fall prevention ideas.  Fortunately our home is a single story, so falling down the stairs is not a possibility.  But we feel that its a good idea to cover all the types of reasons that could cause a elderly person to fall.   We have consulted with the NCOA National Council on Aging and they bring attention to the following reasons and how to avoid falling for elders.

Did you know that one in three older American falls every year? Falls can result in hip fractures, broken bones, and head injuries.  There are great tips on how to reduce the risk of falling for the elders.   Here are some common factors that can lead to a fall:

Balance and gate:  As we age, we lose some coordination, balance and flexibility, mostly due to lack of inactivity.  This may make it easier to fall.

Vision:   For the aging person, less light reaches the retina and making contrasting edges, tripping hazards, and objects harder to see.

Medication:   Some prescriptions and over the counter medication can cause dizziness, dehydration or interactions with each other that can lead to a fall.

Environment:   Most seniors have lived in their homes for a long time and just don’t keep it as safe as it should be as they aged.

Chronic conditions:   Some of the illnesses like, diabetes, stroke, or arthritis is often the reason they have fallen.  Many times their illness has given them a loss of function, inactivity, depression, pain and the use of multiple medications may cause them to fall.

Steps to Help Reduce Falls

  • Enlist your senior to let you know if they are concerned about falling. Maybe they can alert you if they feel concerned about falling, dizziness, or balance, suggest they discuss it with their doctor and then find programs that can help them.
  • Discuss their current health condition.  Find out if they are having trouble remembering to take their medications or if they are experiencing side effects. Encourage them to discuss this with their doctor.
  • Ask about their last eye exam.  If they wear eyeglasses, make sure they have their most current prescription.
  • Notice if they hold onto walls, furniture or have someone else help them when they walk, or if they appear to have trouble walking or arising from a chair. This may be a sign that they need to see a physical therapist. Physical therapist can help older ones improve their balance, strength and gait through exercise.  They may even need a cane or walker.
  • Talk about their medications.  If the elder person is experiencing side effects, they need to discuss this with their doctor or pharmacist.
  • Do a walk-through for safety assessment of the living quarters. Lighting, Stairs, Bathrooms,  can all be areas where hazards should be checked and changed for a safer home.
Seniors Get Holiday Blues

Seniors Get Holiday Blues

Seniors Get Holiday Blues

We know that seniors get holiday blues.  Older people sometimes get sad during the holidays because they miss their loved ones who have died or moved away.  Sometimes health conditions or concerns about money can also make them sad or depressed. We try to get them involved in card games, movies or just talking about their past and encourage them to remember the happy times.

The American Geriatrics Society Foundation for Health in Aging has great tips on how to beat the holiday blues.  We have outlined a few.

  • Get out and travel to parties and events.
  • Take a brisk walk in the morning before you begin the day, or in the evening to help beat the blues.
  • Volunteer, helping others is a great mood lifter.
  • Drink Responsibly – Don’t over indulge around the holidays.
  • Accept your feelings – There is nothing wrong with feeling a little sad.  But if its really just too much to bear, seek support.
  • Talk to some –  The power of talking to your friends, mentors or relatives, can help you understand why you feel the way you do.
  • Holiday Blues are usually temporary and mild.  If you are more depressed and it just does not go away, seek medical help.

At Dolls Havens we try to plan events often, play cards or board games.  We listen to music or just watch our favorite program on television.

Take time and care to listen to how our residents feel.


Tips for Picking Assisted Living Facility

Tips for Picking Assisted Living Facility

Tips for Picking Assisted Living Facility

Tips for picking assisted living facility, include many. But one of the most important one is cleanliness.  We will take one by one and examine what to look for when visiting an assisted living facility.  Let’s start with the very first one.

Tip # 1: Level of Cleanliness in Senior Homes

Does the home feel fresh and clean?  Make sure to look past the furnishings and into corners, baseboards and windows.  How often is housekeeping provided in the personal living spaces or bedrooms.  Get full details on the types of maintenance provided and the estimated response times. Ask about laundry procedures. Ask for specifics on what is available and at what cost.

Facility should take great care in keeping all area of the home clean and refreshing. We have decorated the home with very cheerful colors and keep all the rooms clean at all times. We welcome you for a visit to check on our level of cleanliness.  We provide clean bathrooms, bedrooms and activity areas.  The Kitchen is cleaned spotless after every meal.  Vacuuming and dusting is a continual duty at our home.  Facility should strive for top cleanliness in every room.


Senior Home Cooked Meals

Senior Home Cooked Meals

Senior Home Cooked Meals

Senior  home has has a warm environment and home cooked meals.  Plenty of comfortable seating, and beautifully decorated.  Home cooked meals are prepared fresh daily.  Three hot meals, snacks,   plentiful servings of fruit, vegetables, proteins and deserts.  Let us know your favorite foods, we will try to accommodate your tastes.  We strive to plan meals that the elderly will like and maintain a healthy balance with vegetables and protein.

Our senior meals are well planned.  We strive for delicious, well portioned breakfast, lunch and dinners.  We know some seniors may exercise less and have slower metabolisms.  We take that into consideration and plan plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and healthy snacks.